George Washington Essay

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I know George Washington would have agreed with the United States declaration of war against Germany. I think that most people would want to do the same when things are happening to your country and its citizens. He would not just sit there and let the citizens of America die and let other countries break international rules which could harm Americans.
Although some people would disagree there are some good reasons for fighting in the war and one of them is the sinking of the Lusitania which was a tragic event where 128 Americans met their fates by the Germans. The Germans had no right in doing this and they broke the rules of submarine warfare. They did not search the ship for contraband so they have no proof, they did not sound off warning shots so the passengers did not get off, they put innocent lives in danger, the Lusitania did not try to escape, and they did not set up a blockade. In addition to the sinking of the Lusitania another reason to fight in the war would be that a year later Germany did not follow the rules of submarine warfare again. Germany sank the French passenger boat called the Sussex on March 24th 1916 which happened to have American passengers on it too. After this altercation the Sussex pledge was made and America said do not do this again or we will not be politically connected anymore. Even after America said this and Germany said they would follow the pledge that was a dirty lie. (Doc5) “Consequently on February 1st 1917, Germany broke the Sussex pledge and returned to sinking all ‘enemy’ craft.” America couldn’t trust Germany after they were careless so