George Washington Analysis

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The letter i have choose to analyze was written in May 6, 1783, by George Washington, a letter sent to Sir Guy Carleton. Before this , Britain and America, both signed a provisional treating granting former colonies their independence in November 1782.During the war George Washington lost several slaves to the British when Lord Dunmore sailed to the Potomac River. Lord Dunmore had sent Raiders out to steal supplies and rile up slaves to rebel. George Washington lost a slave valuable to him who he renamed, Harry Washington. He had fought alongside the Loyalists and became a corporal in the British army. After the war, he ended up in New York where Sir Guy Carleton negotiated the evacuations for.For this, Washington stated that the Americans wanted their property …show more content…
George Washington sent Britain's Excellency a copy of a resolution of Congress by the 15th that had instructions, specifically 3 main points, that were necessary to complete the treaty with Great Britain. The first was the release of prisoners so they can be then executed. The other 2 main points were, receiving possession of British Troops posts, and relieving back any valuables including slaves back to the American people. Washington set up a meeting to discuss carrying out those main points of the 7th article of treaty. Washington refers to the Treaty of Paris 7th Article. In the article it states the main points, the goal is to maintain a perpetual peace between the British Majesty and the states. He also refers to a letter written by Sir Guy Carleton to R R Livingston Esqr. On the 14th of April. In the letter Carleton informs Livingston that Timothy Selby and William Harbert , who were prisoners, have been tried and sentenced to death for treason. John Smith Hatfield and Abner Bagley were also taken. Also Carleton quotes the 7th article of the provisional treaty to R R Livingston. He requests Congress to decide on people to represent in behalf of the United States , to be inspected