George Washington Carver Essay

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Moses Carver who was a German immigrant ,Carver bought Mary and Giles in October 9,1855 from Willie P.McGinnis. George was raised by Moses and his wife after the abolition of slavery.George was an intelligent boy so Moses encouraged him to continue with his quest for intellect . Susan Moses’s wife help George with reading and writing ,George later enrolled at Neosho a school 10 miles away from Moses and Susan because black people were not allowed in Diamond schools.George earned his high school diploma from Minneapolis High School in Kansas after moving from a few place due to the cruelty related to segregation and racial discrimination
After High school George spent five years applying to colleges but none would accept him ,when George landed an admission at Highland College in Highland, Kansas he was rejected once he showed and the school realized that George was black. Carver farmed for awhile in Kansas until 1888 when he obtained a $300 bank loan to go school .Carver studied piano and art at Simpson College in Iowa and later transferred to Iowa State Agricultural College in 1891 to study botany . Carver was the first black faculty and student at Iowa State Agricultural College , Carver’s research in plant pathology and mycology as a graduate student at the state college gained him notarity.
George Washington Carver headed the agriculture department at Tuskegee Institute from 1896-1923 .Carver promoted new uses for peanuts,sweet potatoes,pecans , while making peanuts