George Washington Dbq

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What If there was no George Washington? George Washington was a revolutionary war hero who served as a leader for the Constitutional Convention and then became the first ever President of The United States of America. If George Washington did not exist The United States as it is today may not have existed either. Would the lack of Washington’s influence over the Constitutional Convention change our entire government, as we know it? Washington was indispensible as president, would we have been able to thrive as a Nation with someone else? What would the Executive of the United States be like?
In 1788, just months after the Constitution was ratified, national elections were held to choose representatives for the House of Representatives and
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Many debates were held arguing one point in the presidency against another but eventually this came to a conclusion. The president’s term is 4 years instead of 7 and they have the ability to run for reelection. There was also a Vice-President added to preside over the Senate and to take the Presidents place if the President could not complete his term. Each state was given as many electors as its total number of senators and members of the House of Representatives. The person with the highest total elector votes would be president if he had the majority, the Senate from the top 5 vote getters would choose the president and vice president. If George Washington had not existed potentially none of this would have ever happened, there would have been no need to set up rules for a presidency and government that would not exist. The executive branch, as we know it would be completely different or not existing at all. The executive branch today is the part of the government that has its authority and responsibility for the daily administration of the state. The executive branch executes, or enforces the law. This has been a part of the balanced balance in government to make sure no one branch has complete control. Without Washington the idea of separation of powers to keep equality may never have come to light, who ever was to fill his spot instead may