George Washington Dbq

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The formidable years following America’s victory over Great Britain proved to be a fragile time. The founding fathers, especially George Washington, paved the way setting a new precedent for how the country shall be lead in the years to come. The turmoil evoked from the ramification of the Articles of Confederation to the comprise surrounding the ratification of the United States Constitution and it’s varying interpretations by politicians is one of the first hurdles our new country had to overcome. The first presidency proved turbulent as a great divide would begin to tear the country apart before it would ultimately unite as one. This is a brief examination of the road to becoming the
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Seemingly a foreshadowing of what politics would morph into. George Washington’s influence eventually paid off. His popularity with the 13 states and own signature on the Constitution proved crucial during the process of reaching ratification. As defined in Article VII of the Constitution, just nine states were required to sign and finally in June of 1788 Congress successfully ratified the Constitution. The following year in April of 1789 the electoral college unanimously elected George Washington as the country’s first President. President Washington’s election and own signature on the new Constitution proved crucial in the process of …show more content…
The ratification of the treaty acted as a catalyst of the official split in political parties. The Democratic-Republicans are supportive of the French and against large governments but rather for empowering the states. The Federalists on the other hand are pro-english and advocates of a large centralized government. During this time Washington loses much of his popularity. Washington addressed in the people in September of 1796 and warns the nation about dividing into political parties and becoming involved in foreign wars. Washington rather believed that out new nation should be isolationist, avoiding treaties so others can fight their own wars. As George Washington stepped down from his presidency that year, the nation also had it’s first contested presidential election between John Adams and Thomas