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The Leader Who Didn't Go to School Written and Illustrated By George Lin

Table of contents
Chapter 1 George Washington
Chapter 2 Childhood hobbies
Chapter 3 Early life of Washington
Chapter 4 Marriage and Children
Chapter 5 Leading to War
Chapter 6 As a President

1 Introduction Do you expect a president or a general to not go to school? Most people would say no but can you believe that the first president of The United States of America and a hero in the Revolutionary War didn't go to school? I'm talking about George Washington ?


George Washington

George Washington was born in 1739 and died on 1799. He didn't went to school when he was little. Instead, he had a tutor to teach him. When he grew up, he became a general of a army, a Founding Father, and America's first president.

Childhood Hobbies George Washington was a really good horse back rider. He rode on a horse without a saddle. Thomas Jefferson said that Washington was the finest rider. George Washington also learned how to shoot . He helped his dad shoot wild game. As a child, Washington won many shooting contest against his friends. George Washington did many different sports very well. Some of them was outwrestling boys and being the fastest runner.

Early Life of Washington George Washington was born in a wealthy family in Virginia. His family owned tobacco plantations and many slaves. When both his father and his older brother died, he was personally (per-son-no-lee) attached to the powerful William Fairfax who made him a Surveyor and a soldier. In no time, Washington became a officer in the French and Indian war. George Washing ton nearly died from starvation, a high fever, and the coldness in that war. George Washington thought that the British was unfair because even though Washington did more work in the war, he got less pay then the British soldiers.

Fact chat Washington's dad died when he was 11!

Marriage and Children

Martha Cutis Martha Cutis children On January 26, 1759, Washington married a wealthy widow named Martha Dandridge Cutis at the age of 28. They raised the 2 children in her previous marriage with John Cutis. Later, Washington raised his grandchildren. Eleanor Cutis and George Washington park Cutis. George Washington never had a child with Martha Cutis. They lived in Mount Vernon.

Leading to War

When the British started taxing the Americans on tea, George Washington and the British did not get along. George Washington talked to a small group of people(aka The Founding Fathers). He said that he would lead the Continental army. All the Founding Fathers know that it was a very dangerous thing to do because Washington fought for the British before. Now George Washington was fighting against the British. That means that he was a traitor. If Washington got captured by the British. It means that Washington would be executed just like the other traitors. It was very risky. In the war, Washington led 40,000 men . It was very hard to feed and pay them. George Washington had to pay them with his own pocket money! Even though