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Lucas Bennett
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George Washington George Washington was a great leader that changed America, because he was humble, inspiring and strong willed. George Washington created the steps into know what we call the U.S.A. He is a role model to other presidents and is known as one of the best presidents in the history of America. George Washington’s first and strongest trait is he was a humble man. George did not want to be like a king. He just wanted to be treated like a normal person. For instance instead of being called as a king George wanted just to be called Mr. President. Another example is when he denounced his farewell address to make it not such of a big deal. George once said “I can only say that I have contributed towards the organization and administration of the Government the best exertions of which a very fallible judgment was capable.”

George’s second trait was his ability to inspire. He set many expectations while he was in office. He inspired the name Mr. President. Also he inspired the Cabinet which both things are still in effect today. Mr. President inspired in which a president should only stay in office for two terms. George inspired people to vote for him in elections. George was inspiring in battle. He motivated people to make them want to fight with him. George’s nickname is “Father of His Country”. That shows that he has to be inspiring in order to get a nickname like that. George’s last significant