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You must know the 10 major muscle groups worked in class.
• Shoulders
• Chest
• Back
• Quadriceps
• Biceps
• Triceps
• Abdominals
• Glutes
• Hamstrings
• Calves

You must know the FITT Principles
• Frequency – How OFTEN you Work Out
• Intensity – How HARD you work out
• Time – How LONG you work Out
• Type - The type of exercises you do (Cardio, Weight Lifting, Sports)

You must know the 5 components of fitness
• Muscular Strength
• Muscular Endurance
• Cardiovascular endurance
• Flexibility
• Body Composition

You must know the amount of physical activity that is recommended by the surgeon general.
• 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity per day.

You must be able to match a muscle group to a weight lifting exercise
• Ex. Bench Press = Chest
• Ex. Lat Pull Down = Back
• Ex. Crunches = Abdominals
• Ex. Curls = Biceps

You must know your instructors definition of circuit training.
• This is a full body work out that includes 4 of the 5 components of fitness. This means that a circuit will work your muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, and improve body composition.

You must be able to define the term overload principle.
• In order for a muscle (including the heart) to increase strength, it must be gradually stressed by working against a load greater than it is used to. This means that you must gradually increase the load on your muscles for them to become stronger and get bigger.

You must know the difference between a toning workout and a bulk workout.
• Toning = More Reps and Less Weight
• Bulk = More Weight and Less Reps

You Must know the difference between a SET and a REP.
• Set – A set is a group of repetitions performed for different exercises.
• Rep – Every time you lift a weight is one repetition

You must know