George Washinton Essay

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When George Washington was inaugurated in 1789, he faced three major problems in the uprising of the United States. He faced, the huge debt from the Revolution against Great Britain, avoiding any future wars with foreign affairs, and trying to open a successful trading market. To make these major decisions for the country Washington assigned Thomas Jefferson (as Secretary of State) and Alexander Hamilton (as Secretary of Treasury) into is Cabinet. The country was in a huge amount of debt from the recent Revolution against Great Britain, and Washington had to make a decision between Jefferson’s and Hamilton’s financial plan. With all the evidence Jefferson pointed out to Washington about raising taxes and becoming similar to the nation that we just defeated in a seven year war, Washington decided, Hamilton’s financial plan would benefit the country in the long run. Hamilton’s plan consisted of a debatable tax on whiskey and the Bank of the United States. Wanting to have the country remain in a calm and peaceful manner, Washington issued a Proclamation of Neutrality to keep the country from heading into another war with Great Britain and France. The next thing that Washington did to remain neutral within this war was sending the Jay’s Treaty (with Great Britain) to the Senate for consent, to remove British troops from the Great Lakes forts. During all this chaos, in New Orleans, the Pickney’s Treaty was passed for the trade of western settlers. This treaty…