George w. Bush and Music Essay

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Fahrenheit 9/11 Some people struggle in some way when it comes to projects, in the case of humiliating former President George W. Bush, I don’t think this was an issues for Michael Moore when directing, writing and filming the documentary Fahrenheit 9/11. It doesn’t seem as though there was a problem find fault in everything Bush did as a President. Moore’s use of music in this film did a wonderful job of adding humor, and emotion to the documentary. Music from the string family set a general tone to the opening and the ending scenes of the movie, while in other scenes more ironic and silly music is played. In the beginning when Moore talks about the overwhelmed President going on vacation, the song “Vacation” by the Go-Go’s was played as a way to show comedy in the situation, to show the incompetence of the President and his decision to go on an extended vacation when he should’ve been devoting his time to much more important issues. Moore also used music in a dramatic sense when he showed Bush sitting in the classroom with the children, during the seven minutes where he just sat there thinking, there was a solo piano playing in the background. Another example of the use of music “Weapons of Deceit” by Jeff Gibbs, is the mocking, playful that is jolly in its insulting representation of leadership. Other uses of music in this movie are just simple fillers that are meant to bridge the situations that were left open and needed to be added. Embarrassment and humiliation of others is one the top selling topics in the media, people love to see famous people, or people of importance humiliated. Moore had the right idea when he used these tactics, along with others, in his scenes. Some scenes were used as “cheap shots” for example; one scene shows the former Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz continuously licking his comb before his testimony. The point of that being shown was to make Wolfowitz seen like a tacky sordid man, and who