Foundations Of Online Learning

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Personal Essay
Adaris Diaz Baez
COLL100 Foundations of Online Learning
Ahlstrom, Nichole

Seeking a college degree can be stressful and it will require some patience of any sorts. When taking online or on campus college courses you need to know what you’re learning style is so that you can be able to succeed in school. There are many different tools and websites to help you determine what your learning style is and you just have to pick one or two to base your summary off of. Whether you disagree or agree with the information provided is totally up to you. I will be discussing in this essay the two learning styles inventories that I choose and if I agree with them or not.
My reason for choosing to seek a college degree is because I want to be an advocate for juveniles or at risk teenagers. The experience that I do have is not enough to acquire a job in that field so I have to receive my bachelors at least for my career. In my opinion I believe that you start trying to find out the real reason why children act out so as they get older the chances of them committing a crime will be less likely to happen. The kids are the future and if you start while they are young to defuse the situation or problem then when they get older there will not be any problems. I would like to open a non-profit organization works especially with teenagers of any age that have discipline issues to keep them in positive activities to utilize their free time. During the course of finding the right school for me I choose online learning because I tend to learn in a work at your own pace style. With me being a single mother of two kids who are very young it is best for me to work at home on the computer, because it is less expensive for me.
All my life I have always seem to get my work done a lot faster in school then my other classmates. When my teacher gave out the assignment I usually did not need any assistance in completing the task at hand. I chose to complete two learning styles inventory online from the three sites provide. On Learning Style Inventory by Bixler the results given was that I was an Auditory Visual tactile learner. I would have to agree with the results