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Case Study

1. The university of Georgia’s student attendance is declining for football games. Even when the team has a good season students still do not go to the games as much. Georgia decided to give away some of the students section to alumni to fill up empty seats. Students would rather watch the game on television than go to the game. Students are also unable to text inside the games, which annoys them.

2. The decline in student attendance at the football games is a concern to university officials because it may prevent star players from attending the school in the future. They are also losing profits since people are not purchasing food or drinks while at the stadium.

3. I think that the two most compelling and influential reasons for poor student attendance are the lack of WIFI. Students today tend to be on their phones a lot, and when it is restricted they tend to avoid those areas. The second main reason is that they could watch it on a television somewhere else. They can get a better picture of the game that way. They are also allowed to drink alcohol if they do not go to the stadium.

4. I think that the school should give away random prizes. Instead of the taco that the students get for the team scoring so many points, give out something like team shirts. It would get students to attend the game because no matter what the students get something instead of relying on the team to score points. Another strategy to attract more students would be to