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Gerald Rudolph Ford My project was on President Gerald Rudolph Ford, he was the 38th president of the United States. The main points I am going to talk about are his childhood, family life, home, education and career. So I hope that all the information I am going to talk about, gives you some kind of information on Gerald R. Ford is or introduce him to you, if you do not know as much about him. Gerald R. Ford, childhood was quite simple. He was born in Omaha, Nebraska on July 14, 1913. His original name is Leslie Lynch King Jr. but he never kept his real name nor his hometown for long. He only lived with his mother because his parents had split up when he was little or within that year. His mother Dorothy Ayer Gardner got married to Gerald Rudulff Ford less than three years. They were now living in Grand Rapids in a close-knit family with his grandparents and three other younger brothers. Fords family life was like all Americans, such as being fun, energetic, youthful, and above all, normal. In his family it was him, his wife Betty Ford, and their three sons and only daughter. His three son’s names are Michael Gerald, John Gardner, Steven Meigs, and his daughter Susan Elizabeth. Fords home was Grand Rapids with his mother and grandparents. Fords education was at Grand Rapids South High School. He graduated from there as an honor student but other than that he was a very athletic person. He became a local sports hero captain of his high school football team and also active in