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Oprah had a hard life she was rape at the age of nine years old and became pregnant at fourteen, her baby was premature and died. After that she did not have any more children. She never married for years she lived with her boyfriend. She did not raised any children herself she helped with many poor children even built a school for girls in Africa. She was just god gifted she help build houses for the less able people.
Oprah was sent to live with a man in Tennessee whom she call dad. While she was in Tennessee she got a job working at a radio station. Oprah life in Mississippi was not good, she even ran away from home because she was abuse sexual by her own family members. Nothing stop her she held her head up and kept on getting up she not like some people she didn’t give up. She went to school and done very good an honor student she won an oratory contest. She receive a full scholarship at Tennessee State University a historically black institution.
This is my outlier in my life about Oprah Winfrey, She was born in the rural part of the state Kosciusko, Mississippi. She had a hard life her mother was unmarried and did not have a good job, Oprah stayed with her grandmother until she was the age of six. Her grandmother would take her to church she could recite Bible verse the people at church gave Oprah the nickname preacher because she could speak so plainly for a little child. She was taught to read at an early age
While she was in college she went to work for Nashville’s local CBS television station by 1971 she became the city’s first TV anchorwoman. Winfrey later join the WJZ-TV in Baltimore, she then left and went to host the morning show in Chicago. A low rated talk show the first aired on January 02, 1984 with thin months after Winfrey took over the show went from last to top rating one. She was good at everything went into she never gave up. Her grandmother would always sat didn’t nothing surprise her about Oprah and her career.
Winfrey host many television shows, once hosted Michael Jackson it was an audience about 36.5 million watching her. Winfrey made many movies in 1985 she won an Academy Award nomination for the part she played in film of Alice Walker’s The Color Purple. Her company, Harpo Productions, Harpo was Oprah just spell backward. She was nominated for many award for her performance, she had a book club and was co-authored of five books.
Winfrey launched a book club as part of her show. This book club helped to increase readership in the United States. In 99 she co-founded a cable Internet programing company call Oxygen Media it is oriented toward women. After all that she went through she held it together and made something out of herself. Winfrey is one of the richest women in America. This is what I think about an outlier. She is from Mississippi a very poor county were she was born and as a child she had so many let down sexual abuse by her own family member. Her own mother did not have time for her she was drifted from place to place. Oprah had to have the lord on her