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Geralyn Pantastico
Mr. Lee
04 December 2014 Tamed/Wild
Animals play such a huge roll on earth. Humans relay on animals for food and other things. Growing up I’ve always been surrounded and fascinated by animals. The way they react to things and even their creative ways to find food and shelter for themselves. But there is one things that I seem to always have questions about, what is the difference with zoo animals and wild animals.

As I researched more about zoo animals and wild animals, they seemed to have many pros and cons to them and also many similarities and differences. Zoo animals have been around ever since the London zoo opened to the public eyes. Back in the days the animals would be crammed into cages that definitely don't fit their size, but as time passed, more zoos start to open around the world and would take care of the animals needs such as larger space and medical treatments right away if they need it. They are also fed daily and the zookeepers would reenact the animal’s natural habitat so that they are still live as if they are in the wild. Some animals need to be in the zoo because they are becoming extinct and need all the help from people to save their lives. They will also breed the animals so that they don't become extinct such as the pandas. Zoo's use the animals as a way of letting people see that their behavior is not as aggressive or dangerous so that the people will help them. But the zoos will always put those animals that had been rescued back