Geriatric Project Essay

Words: 1928
Pages: 8

Geriatric Project Patient L.G. is a 92 year old black female, born and raised in Augusta GA. L.G. is the oldest of 6 children and has an 8th grade education. She had to leave school at an early age to help her parents who were “Field Hands” with her young siblings. L.G. spent most of her youth picking cotton alongside her parents and tending to her younger brothers and sisters and was unable to complete her education. L.G. was a very quick learner and very good with her hands. She always envisioned she would become a teacher but her interest in a career never materialized. L.G.’s dream only progressed to the point of teaching her parents what she learned while in school for such a short time. L.G. followed in her mother’s …show more content…
Today L.G. still remains at The Rehabilitation of the Palm Beaches. Her husband passed away shortly after being relocated to the nursing home. L.G.’s medical condition is stable at this time. She is awake, alert, cooperative, pleasant, and calm enjoying life with others in similar situations as her. Her niece involved her in a women’s group who knit blankets for soldiers overseas. This is a form of therapy for L.G. as she had started to slip into depression again. The knitting group was extremely effective. L.G. quickly embraced the ladies in the group and was producing 6 blankets a day.
L.G. was meeting the women’s group five times a week and her mental and medical condition improved. She enjoyed knitting and sewing, being wheelchair bound did not slow L.G. down at all. She is able to propel herself in the wheelchair. She can perform her ADL’s with minimal assistance. L.G. is able to feed herself, bathe herself, and transfer herself with a steady gait. L.G’s goals are safety, reduced chances of amputation by good foot care, no open wounds, following a low sodium, low carbohydrate diet. L.G. is extremely disciplined to her goals and with the assistance of her niece and the staff she is controlling her medical conditions. According to the Biological