German Beer Essay

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German Beer

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By R. Anastasia Tremaine - March, 2002
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1.0 Introduction Beer is an immensely popular beverage, but it is one that is associated with a particular country. German beer in fact is seen as the king of all beers. Around the world, Germany's beer is one of the most respected varieties, in part due to the strict legislation that governs brewing, but also because it seems that the German people take great pains to brew a good beer. It is customary and part of their social structure. The majority of people in Germany socialize in pubs, unlike the United States where
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In fact, Reno Air had begun to offer Gordon Biersche Marzen lager, which is a premium German-style beer, on its flights ("Have a," 1998). The new beer is served to provide a higher level of in-flight product and the airline has used the German beer to distinguish itself as a low-fare airline with quality products (1998). Although most German beers are made in Germany, German brewing plants have been brought to the United States. The Acadian Brewing Company creates a light colored traditional German beer that is called Acadian Helles Bock and is made in New Orleans (Slaton, 1997). Acadian expanded in 1996 and began to bottle its pilsner and Vienna amber beers (1997).

5.0 Types of Beer 5.1 German Beers Spaten beers have been brewed for 600 years, and used a process that made the beer good and world-famous ("German beer," 2002). Spaten beer had been made in Munich and it is thought by many that the beer is the best because no other beer is purer or more natural in taste (2002). It seems that Faßbier draught beer is Germany's favorite drink as 73% of respondents buy a draught beer before a bottled beer ("German beer," 2002). The beer is generally served cool and fresh, with a good head of foam, and it should have a pleasant taste as well (2002). While German beers are similar in that they are made in the same way, a student writing on this subject will want to point out that beers made in other parts of the world have more leeway. The