Germanic Peoples and Christianize England Established Essay

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1) What is English?
a) Introduction
b) Background
2) We only learn English, why not other languages?
a) Importance
3) How to learn English?
a) Learning grammar
b) Reading subject books heedfully
c) Watching Movies with Subtitles
d) Speaking English with friends.
English is a foreign language, which is actually a native language of British people.
Historically, In 5th Century Angles and Saxons (Germanic tribes) invaded the Britain, who reunited, and became Anglo-Saxons. Their language is Englisc, which was where the word English originated. Circa 890 AD: Anglo-Saxons invaded a land• Called it Anglo-Land (now called England),:• Irish missionaries came to England from Ireland (Europe)• Brought the Latin alphabetRoman invasion:• 597 AD: Roman invader Augustine attempted to Christianize England• Established kingdoms all over England• Spread and popularized English throughout England
Now it’s is at the point a load of question will arise? BOY! OK! OK! We ought to learn English, but How? Means what are the ways to learn English? So, guys, relax! I’m here to release ur this kind of toe-pointing tension forever.
As we know that there’re two components of English;
Vocabulary, and Grammar, vocabulary means knowledge of words, and grammar deals with the rules how to use words correctly! That’s all. So, first you need to make ur vocabulary strong, and impressive which can be done by remembering 5 to 6 words from dictionary every day, now coming to…