Essay on Germany and USA

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Did you know that Americans and Germans have a whole lot more in common than you would think? Many of the customs of the Germans are similar to those practiced in the land of the free. Germany is a real little country which is heavy in population. The United States of America however is very large and heavily populated. The freeways and the roads in Germany are quite a bit narrower than our roads here in the United States are. I bet you did not know though that the Germans are the ones who invented the interstate system. Perhaps the biggest shock to us Americans is just how fast the Germans drive.
You see inside of the cities in Germany there are speed limits which are very strongly enforced. They do however have an autobahn which does not have a speed limit that restricts just how fast the Germans can drive. Germans sometimes get impatient and tailgate other drivers at very high speeds even though it is against the law. Sometimes they may even go as far as to honk or flash their lights when they believe you are in their way and they want to pass you. In Germany left lanes are for passing only so if you ever go there for the first time be sure to stay in the right lane. Here in the United States, Americans usually like to drive in the lane of travel meant for driving faster or to pass other cars which is the left lane. Germans think that if you are going too slow or not passing anybody that you need to stay in the right lane of the road. On the other hand Americans seem to think if they are going the speed limit that they will just stay in the left hand lane.
In Germany unlike the United States train travel is a normal way of life. You see in Germany you can go to any bahnof which is a train station and travel to any part of Europe that you please. Germans choose to use this method as their main means of travel because of the inflation of gas prices and the pollution. However us Americans use the automobiles to travel as our main means of transportation probably a little more than what we should. Germans also like to greet each other in a respectable manner. You see when Germans walk into a waiting room, or a store of some sort it is usual for Germans to greet one another. In southern Germany they say Greuss Gott, and in other parts of Germany they say Guten Tag. Germans also enjoy shaking people’s hands. The Germans shake hands with everybody they meet for the first time and they also shake hands at every meeting of the individual after that. The Germans consider it very rude to have a hand in your pocket when shaking hands and it is also considered rude to not make eye contact.
Germans also think of Americans as friendly, so if you ever see one it would be good to take the initiative to introduce yourself to them. In Germany people speak mostly Dutch. In America our main language is English. Germans think it is neat and appreciative for Americans to learn their language. When you go to a German home unlike here in America it is a custom to bring a gift. It is custom here to wait to be seated at a restaurant where as in Germany it is not. Even sharing tables with complete strangers is very usual in Germany.