Germany: Europe and Local Government Officials Essay

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Imperialism between Nigeria and India

Nigeria and India were both controlled by indirect control. Indirect control is when the local government officials are used limited self-rule; government institutions are based on European styles but may have local rules. Indirect control relied on existing political rulers. Africa tried to resist that the Europeans were trying to colonize their lands. Britain gained control of southern Nigeria through both diplomatic and military means. Diamonds and gold were discovered in Africa in 1867. Once the British found out they didn’t want to lose power. The British became interested in India around the 1600’s, the British considered India as “Jewel in the crown”. India was the major supplier for Britain. India benefited from the colonization for the British, India became developed a modern economy, schools and hospitals were built over there. The industrial revolution provided Europe to add lands to their control. The Maxim gun was invented in 1884; European countries quickly acquired the Maxim, while the resisting Africans were forced to rely on outdated weapons. Nigeria and India resisted imperialism by not trying to let the Europeans get to them I guess. The British would always try to take inventions, food, weapons, and use their railroad from Africa. They always wanted to be above every other country. Britain gained control of southern Nigeria through diplomatic and military means. They also gained control of the palm oil trade along the Niger River. In 1914, the British claimed the entire are of