Germany Revolution Essay

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Germany Revolution
The revolutions of 1848 were the most widespread in the history of Europe. The countries that were mainly affected were France, Germany, Prussia, the Austrian Empire, various Italian states,
Moldavia, and Wallacia. However, by 1850, all the revolutions had collapsed.
The revolutions of 1848 were a series of violent uprisings in European countries. This is where legal attempts at economic and political change had resulted unsuccessful. These revolutions inspired a similar movement in Germany. The revolutions were done by members of the middle class who demanded constitutional and representative governments, and by workers and peasants who revolted against developing capitalist practices that were resulting in greater poverty. Revolution participants demanded self­determination from the empires that dominated them.
In Germany, the Paris revolution inspired unrest. “In May 1848, a group of German nationalists met at the Frankfort Assembly.” (Sparknotes 1). The liberals hoped to create a unified German empire.
The assembly questioned who should rule a unified Germany. To this, the Frankfurt Parliament was elected on May 18, which adopted a bill of rights called Declaration of the Rights of the German
People, which is moderately democratic.
Horrible economic conditions played a major role. A cholera epidemic (an infection in the small intestine caused by the bacterium vibrio cholerae) which led to widespread death. “1846: Beginning of
Europe’s last major food crisis and famine throughout the continent” (Sparknotes 1).…