Germany, Russia And The United States Of America, Different Or Alike?

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Germany, Russia and the United States of America, different or alike? This is a very interesting topic to talk about. It is nice to know more about other culture and their customs. I chose to interview a wonderful girl from Germany.
Germany is a read country with its own history and own culture. I have a friend who name is “…” She is nineteen years old. Also, I know that she a great golf player. I need to add that she was so nice to help me out with this assignment even she had so much stuff on her own.
She lives in the States for two years now and goes home every once in a while. The most noticeable differences for her is religion, restrictions and laws and food. Then, she added that she thinks problems with US culture, probably, involve the food because the body has to get used to such a different type of nutrition and also getting used to people who are very strong believers and just in general SNU culture with the whole Christian aspect and everything that comes with it. Also, she mentioned that political views of people here are sometimes hard to adapt to. I personally might agree with her about it. After that she said that she hasn't really had communication problems until now, it is really just a matter of getting used to slang and hoping that other people are patient. Then, she explained the educational differences to me.
The educational system is a lot different because after elementary school they are split up according to our skills in school and basically how easily they can learn new things. In lower levels you are done with school after 10th grade. In the higher-level schools you attend high school until 12th grade and the last two years they focus on certain subjects where the material covered is very detailed and much is required from the students. There are never multiple-choice tests, only essays. Dating and marriage is seen much different due to the lack of such importance of Christianity as part of everybody’s life. People do not always date to marry but rather to try out and see what fits for stages in their life. The career is usually more important to men and women, therefore they wait to find the "right one" until after college and after having found a stable job that pays well. The average age of people marrying in Germany is about 27. Family is really important in Germany. However, the career and education usually go first, to be able to have a stable life without a lot of debt and not relying on other people financially. There are not really other holidays in Germany. They celebrate New Years, Christmas and Easter just like Americans but it is not that big of a deal though as it is here, especially in regard to merchandise.
About German culture that she loves is the freedom of choice and the independence everybody basically grows up with. Also the political system and the education system and healthcare system are great. But she added that she does not like the selfishness of people in Germany though and they are not quite open towards new things/people until after they find out more about it. And the last thing we talked over is food. It is not very much different in Germany, however they eat more bread and cook at home way more often. But do not eat high amounts of meat like Americans do. For instance, for dinner they usually have a "cold plate" and nothing cooked. I am twenty-three years old and originally I am from Russian Federation. I was born in last year of existing USSR, which I found pretty cool. This is my fourth year in America. In addition, I grew up speaking Russian language and Russian language is the national language and it was the only language at home. I feel like Germany and Russia have more in common rather than with the United States. First of all is food. Our nutrition more alike and there is almost no stress for the body to get use to the food. However, the communication may not be as simple as it is can be with American culture.
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