Germination: Plant Morphology and Germination Essay

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I See the Light

1) Purpose: To determine if seeds require light in order to germinate. 2) Procedure: A) Cut three circles of paper that just fit the bottom of the container in which you will place the seeds. B) Place ten seeds randomly in the bottom of the container on the paper towel. C) Add water so that the paper towel is saturated and the seeds are barely covered in water D) Cover the container and label in a way that you will be able to identify yours E) Place one container in the light and the other in the dark. F) Observe the seeds in three days and record your results.

Research Questions:

Germination is the process whereby seeds or spores sprout and begin to grow. Seed germination requires different conditions for every seed. You must have oxygen and the right temperature and light or dark for the seed to germinate. No soil is needed for germination although you do need to have some sort of base for the root of the seed to cling on to. Light is not necessary for germination but it does make the seeds germinate at a faster rate.

Hypothesis: I believe the seeds in the light will germinate better than the ones in the dark because do to my research seeds will grow better and faster in the light than in the dark. If seeds in the dark grow better than the ones in the light, I will be proved wrong.

Light or dark.Light | Seeds that germinated:10 | Seeds originally:10 | DescriptionAll sprouted, all have turned green and begun the process of flowering. Look like clovers, | Dark | 8 | 10 | Very few actually germinated. Most are in the beginning stages of germination. |

Analysis Questions:
Yes there was a difference between the seeds in the light and the seeds in the dark. The group of seeds in the light sprouted up and began the early process of flowering. While the seeds in the dark managed to only to sprout and turn yellow. Some in the dark didn’t even begin to germinate. I believe that light is definitely needed for germination because with results as strong as they are I think that it is obvious that light is needed for germination. What seems to trigger germination would definitely be the sunlight factor. Because it seems to tell the plant that its warm and safe to grow. Weather or not the plant leaves have turned green seem to let you know that the actual plant is growing…