Advantages Of Cable Modem And Routers

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In today world of technology constantly evolving, the introduction of cable modem and routers are a crucial development of modern technology. Basically a cable modem is a device which acts as an access point for Internet access. However, this restricts the access of multiple Internet using devices to access the Internet all at once, since modems allow access to Internet for a single computer through Ethernet cords. The negative point of view for accessing the internet through the help of only Cable Modems is, for one going to be quite difficult. By the time that you access the internet with only a cable modem, the internet is going to be either slow or average speed, which all depends on the age of your modem and your modem model.
Network Routers are usually a device that can be either bought separately from the cable modem or it usually comes with the cable modem. A router is a separate device that connects to the cable modem and which enables multiple internet devices to roam the internet with a faster internet speed and a full connection. However due to the expansion of today’s technology, cable modems and routers were put together into one device known as the cable modem router, which functions the same purpose as a cable modem and router connected together, but with this it saves much more space, easier to operate, more energy efficient, easier to configure, and usually faster internet speed. So basically without these unique devices, it would have been difficult to surf the internet so easily.
Like with everything else, each of these products has its positive aspects as well as the negatives. For the modems, the cons are obviously that it only that the modems only allow access to the internet by use an Ethernet Cord connecting to one device. In which some cases proves to provide low-speed internet. However with a DOCSIS 3.0 Cable modem, speeds and security maximize to the highest level. The routers on the other hand, allows internet access wired or wirelessly to multiple devices. Buying a Netgear Router proves to be worth it in the long run, because when it when you configure your router, Netgear provides countless features for the user to access. Netgear routers allow access to many features in their products that they provide, such as: Netgear genie, ReadySHARE, and DLNA capability.
Netgear Genie is basically a personal cloud that stores data, manages and monitors your home Netgear routers. ReadySHARE is just an easy shared access from any computer in your home network to an external USB hard drive connected to your router. DLNA is just where you can find and play movies, save or share or stream or show digital media, such as pictures, music, video, which are stored in on DLNA compactable device, like a computer or a hard-drive. This is only the beginning of the many features. The features extend to as far as getting