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Marybeth Callison
Informative Speech
October 26, 2012
Get Thrifty With It
I. Introduction
A. I love to get high, my drug of choose is thrifting.
B. I have been I hard core thrifter for about four years and have gotten some amazing deals.
C. It is a great way for us “broke college kids” to save money and get great stuff
D. You can get everything from a baseball bat to a prom dress at resale stores however, I’m going to talk mostly about clothes, why and how to shop second hand stores.
II. Body
According to the Association of Resale Professionals, the resale industry is growing about 7% each year and Goodwill alone generated $2.69 billion in retail revenue in 2010. Resale shops are popping up everywhere.
A. There are many reasons to thrift it, saves money, has great stuff, and helps to give back.

1. In Thrift Stores Help Save Money college student and author Casey Bruce reports on April 18, 2011, that one piece of women’s clothing at forever 21 can cost between $22.00 to $40.00 dollars according to the store’s website. The average price for a piece of women’s clothing at Goodwill is $4.60 according to the website.
2. Also you can get unique items that you will not see everyone wearing. Plus with everything being donated you get different types of styles.
3. Most thrift stores are not for profit and go to help out the community. Goodwill helps by give jobs to people in need and put most of the money from sales back into the community. The Salvation Army supports programs from needy, abused, and homeless people.
Now that you know why to thrift let’s talk about how to thrift.
B. Here are four rules for thrifting.
1. Always look through the whole store. People put things back in the craziest place; if you only look at the size medium rack you will miss out on great stuff.
2. This brings me to number two, try everything on. Just because the tag says a lager does not mean it will not fit or be good for something else like a dress. Plus sizes change from