Getting A Career Not A Job

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Getting A career Not A job
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When in high school even as a child everyone would ask, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” They never asked, “What career job do you want?” I could never really answer that question with just one answer, I wanted to be a teacher, go into the Army, own a daycare, psychologist, nurse or a coder. No matter how many times I was asked what I wanted to be in life those things stuck with me. As time pass and life is going in a blink of an eye none of my career goals I have tried to achieve, until I became pregnant with my first child. Who would have known me becoming a parent at a young age with a $6.50 job NOT a career nor money saved up to support this child that I had growing in me. As life was moving my friends where in the service active duty some in the reserved, yet I was at McDonalds thinking life is great, not knocking working there, but it wasn’t a life goal of mines. This is when I knew I needed to shape up and fast nine months goes by quickly. It was then I seen the commercial of Remington College that I decided to go back to school to be a Medical Assistant. The decision that I made to go back to school was easy. The reason why I can say this is because this child was my responsibility and it was something that just came over me and I knew instantly no joke this is serious. At that time I moved out of my mothers’ house established a place of my own, worked at Evos at night and went to school in the daytime. Once I have completed my long eight months and had had my beautiful baby girl, I started my intern and was hired after completing it. As time passed yet I did not have a career but was proud that I did have a job in a field that all you can possibly do is grow. After working in this office for a year my knowledge expanded, why get paid $10.50 when I am doing jobs that get paid $13.00, for the task that I was doing? It began to get frustrating I needed more money to do more in life for me and mines, but just having a diploma in Medical Assistant wasn’t going to cut it. A new job…