Getting Fat Essay

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Getting Fat
A lot of people are worried about getting fat. That subject pops up in our head all the time. I know for me especially it pops up at least three times a day and that’s usually during meal time. There are many reasons people can get fat from, but the most frequent reasons seem to be overeating, not getting enough exercise, and a different variety of medical conditions and medications.
Obesity is America’s epidemic and is mostly due to overeating. Overeating is causing people to get fat. They say that a McDonalds’ meal is approximately 1200 calories. That is how much the daily caloric intake should be for an average adult that doesn’t exercise at all to be able to maintain their current weight. Imagine supersizing that meal. You just added another 600 calories and the process of getting fat has begun. How about those all-you-can-eat-buffets? The places where you pay $12 and you can eat the whole restaurant if you want to! There is definitely something wrong when you see people that can barely walk or move because they are so obese but they sure like to go eat all they can. Some places even have a maximum time allowed to be there because some people eat for so long. Food’s primary purpose is to nourish our bodies. We should enjoy food but not over enjoy it. That does more bad than good to us.
Exercise comes hand in hand with healthy eating. If you are overeating you are most likely not getting any exercise either. It’s a vicious cycle. Experts suggest that we get 30 minutes worth of cardio exercise 2-3 times a week. Something as simple as taking our dog on a daily walk, parking our car as far away as we can from the store’s front door or taking the