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Getting It On All Over Europe This advertisement is for the “Lucky Day” TAG body spray for men. The intended audience is men, I assume for men who are attracted to women since this advertisement is featured in FHM (For Him Magazine). Highly saturated with extreme sexual innuendos, the warning sign in the middle of the advertisement strongly implies that any man using this product will participate in the act of sex. There for, encouraging men to buy the product in hopes of numerous sexual encounters. not only does the Ad “guarantee “ sex it also suggest that women are “prone” to have sex with any man who wear the product “Lucky Day” body spray by TAG. In this picture, six people stand and look directly at the person looking at the ad. The setting if the picture would be in Italy due to the features of the road they stand on. It is made of a grainy beige color stone. The house on the left of the people, has a stereotypical balcony such as one used by Casa Blanca to seduce a beautiful young woman. On the far left corner stands a man is in his late twenties is pointing with his right index finger shaking it in an upward motion indicating someone had done him wrong. The woman standing to the right of him is in her early twenties, and is depicted as a stereotypical Italian woman. She is wears a red dress that shows off her flawless hour glass figure. Her hair is long, dense black, and wavy, complemented by with the big beautiful brown eyes. The man to the left of her is positioned in the in the center of the Ad. He looks old enough to be the father of the Woman on his right. He has the expression on his face that states that someone just disrespected his customs. His upset look indicates that someone had sex with his daughter. He holds a rolled up newspaper in his left hand to the side of him. His arms are spread to his sides in a very threatening stance as if ready to chase after somebody. To the angrily fathers left stands is an elderly couple the old man is standing approximately a foot behind his wife and shakes his right hand clutching it in anger. In front of him his wife points her finger with a fierce expression on her face. Then we see to her left an on looker passes just looking over his shoulder. In addition to the picture the advertisers of TAG have applied a huge red warning sign in the middle if the Ad. The warning states that the makers of TAG body spray cannot be responsible for you breaching local customs with regards of “getting it on “. There for they have