Getting to know Canada (Narrative Essay)

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Narrative Essay

Getting to know Canada

Canada is the second largest country of the world. Its extensive geography offers a wide variety of tourism opportunities, not only for visitors, but also for Canadian Citizens and Residents. However, many people living in Canada often prefers to travel abroad instead of spending time and money traveling inside Canada. Three of the possible reasons why this is happening are the cost of traveling in Canada, large distances between cities, and lack of incentives from the Canadian tourism industry.

First of all, it seems that travelling abroad is more affordable than travelling within Canada. It seems that is very hard to get a good deal to get to travel from one city to another within Canada. Canadians and people living in Canada work very hard, so when it’s time to go on vacations with friends or family people want to get the best for their money. Airfares, train fares and even gas price are considerably higher in Canada when compared to other destinations, such as the USA, or even the Caribbean.

Secondly, distances from one city to another are very large, meaning that in many cases to get from one point to another may take several days if travelling by car, or it may require taking flights to get faster to a destination. This is also related to the first point mentioned above, as people would need to invest extra time and money in order to take their vacations in Canada.

The last problem is the lack of incentives from the Canadian tourism industry. Everyday people…