Getting Up For Work

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Vitaly Spooner
Karen W. Robinson
ENG 1510
Oct 9/10/13
Getting up for work
Wow its Monday morning again, this means it’s time for work and all the fun this day will bring. As I hear my name around 8:00 AM, this was the meaning for me where my father always wakes me up. And as I respond with the loud “WHAT?” he answers back to me “get up its time for you get to work”. As I lay in my bead trying to think and open my eyes at the same time should I just spend another minute in my bed before getting up for sure? Finely decided to get up and get ready before I hear my name once again coming from upstairs. While getting ready I would always try to put on something that fits the weather conditions outside. It doesn’t matter if it’s raining or sun shine I should always be ready for what might come in my way. Walking out of my room to check the weather and just to find out that outside was sun shining with the right amount of breeze. I return back to my room from the journey on finding out the weather, as began to putt on some shorts and a t-shirt with a pair of sock from left to right and a sweatshirt for the wind condition. Finely I was dragging my but up the stair to take my sweet time in the bathroom by brushing my teeth and washing my face, and to stand over the toilet for several minutes just to empty out the body from all the fluids I had the night before. When finished with the bathroom I retrieve into the kitchen to find something to eat. But I ended up finding only frozen foods in the freezer. These Items will take a while to be wormed up and thinking that if I start now it would be done by the time my father gets out but I won’t have enough time to enjoy it with some milk. As I decided to skip breakfast and just to move on to work on the empty stomach. In order to get from home to work we usually drive my dad’s work truck that sounds like a dying horse. As we get in the truck the very first thing my dad says to me “what time did you stay up till? You look like a zombie” and with the very simple respond I tell him that, I hate mornings and that I will always look like a zombie no matter what”. So we finely started driving my dad gets a call about some pipe is leaking and the water won’t shut off. While on our way to the job we talked about things what’s going on and so on. Finely pulling up to the job sight I realized that the area seem familiar to the job we did about a week ago. Before getting out of the truck I decided what I need to bring in into the hose with me just to start off with some basic tools like screwdrivers and some vice grips. Ass the job gets on its way later on I bring in more