Getty Experience Essay

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Kenneth Mattos
Professor Redfield
Art 100
August 04, 2015
The Getty Experience
The Getty Center is a place to experience and enjoy art in unique settings that features breathtaking sceneries, architecture, and tranquility within the gardens. The Getty Center is slightly removed from the city of Los Angeles, having both an urban feeling and a feeling of peaceful contemplation. It is located at the peak of a mountain, with the perfect view of the surrounding area. Stand inside the museum the space-and you will recall the soaring pavilions of many great building of the past.
The Getty Center is privately owned but dedicated to the visual arts and the humanities. It has a lot to offer to its visitors. The Getty provides opportunities for people to understand, experience, value, and preserve the world's cultural heritage and artistic values.
Getty museum trip starts at the very bottom of the hill at the tram station. Visitors can ride the tram to the top plaza area where they arrive. Located surrounded trees and architecture. There are four different sections of the museum which are: North South, East, and West Pavilion, each of which has its own collection of art and sculpture from the past history.
The North Pavilion, is filled with an amazing exhibition of stained glass, done by artist called Durer. He was assisted by Holbein, his apprentice, who worked right by the side of his master. Durer introduced to the medium the same vast spaciousness, sculptural modeling, and depth of expression that are found in his paintings and prints. Stained glass was a renaissance art form, although widely thought of as medieval art, stained glass flourished during the renaissance, especially in Germany and Switzerland. Much of the stained glassed reveals information about Renaissance painting. Durer, Holbein, and their southern German and Swiss contemporaries designed some of the most magnificent works in the history of the medium. They are more like story telling pictures. Stained glass pictures have the values of the colors which shows true perspective of a color setting when light appears from the back of the portrait or landscape. The North Pavilion has sculptures of Greek gods which are made of bronze, that seem to have been made with machines. On the second floor paintings are from 1500-1600 with gold leaf frames. There are other paintings on canvas and slate. In this building I like the painting of a daily life scene (1509) by the artist Baccio Della Porta, from Italy.
The South Pavilion features collection of home furniture. Furniture artists were advanced, and focused on decorative arts. Neoclassic period of time, 1770-1785, is more into to architecture and furniture design than…