Gettysburg Turning Point

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Marcus Tighe
The American Civil war
This is what I think of the battle of Gettysburg is that it was a great turning point of the war and vengeance that the union army took from what had happened at the battle of Fredericksburg the blood, body covered field from that day. The confederate army led by General Robert E. Lee and Longstreet had a plan to completely destroy the union army defensive line.
This may be the greatest turning point of the civil war, these are the steps on how the confederate army where on the move to invade Washington while the union army were in pursuit in which the two armies somewhere in Pennsylvania. The engagement of the bloody conflict the two armies met with the bayonets again in a small town called Gettysburg. I'm going to a talk about some of the officers and generals and how they played an important role in the battle.

The Battle of Gettysburg - Thursday July 2, 1863
Union Colonel Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain

"Not a moment was about to be lost! Five minutes more of such a defensive and the last roll call would sound for us! Desperate as the chances were, there was nothing for it but to take the offensive. I stepped to the colors. The men turned towards me. One word was enough. BAYONETS! It caught like fire and swept along the ranks. The men took it up with a shout, one could not say whether from the pit or the song of the morning sat, it was vain to order "Forward!” No mortal could