Analysis Of Mahatma Gandhi

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Gandhi’s Mission There was blood shed, tears cried and many non-believers, but Mahatma Gandhi was a man determined to bring change in another form than with war. Many people thought he was a fool, but this fool changed a lot of lives without touching another’s man flesh, but with patients, kindness, and faith. He change the lives of his own people, brought united to the Hindus, and Independence to a country, not many can put that on their resume and add that they did all this with the act of non-violence.
Gandhi was a man in a category all his own, that so many people after his time tried to follow and so many people of this time needs to follow. Being equal is something that some of us say we are; a lot of us say we want, but none of us truly understand what it is. Gandhi knew that in Hinduism, there was no such thing as being equal, not in the caste system at least. If you were brought up as an Untouchable, your atman wasn’t pure and you had to work for everything you needed, and was pretty much treated as a slave to pick up after and for other people higher than you in the caste system. If you were a Braham, it was almost like you had the purest of souls and had to want or need for nothing, because your life before, left you with a pure soul and good karma. Gandhi felt we all are equal, what makes him so much better than you, we were all brought up into the same time period so what makes his wrongs any more worse than your wrongs and his rights any more better than yours. We are all people and should be treated as such. At first Gandhi received a lot of heat for that, making people in lower caste systems seem like they were just like everyone else, but he made it very clear that God looks at all his children as being the same, why shouldn’t we. Some Hindus felt as if Gandhi was out line to ask someone brought up in a higher caste level to do work of a man lower than he was. Gandhi became that walking example, a man who went to school got his degree in Law, traveled the world and he was also that same man who wasn’t afraid to sit on the floor, serve people tea, mend an animal who was in need of help, walk miles to see someone when right outside there was a car to take him anywhere he needed to go. This was a man who was trying to get his fellow Hindus, Muslims, and Christians to understand that it was okay to be. Gandhi fasted until the untouchable caste was no more. A lot of people who was by his side for years and even his friends informed him that the caste system wasn’t something that you could change overnight. It has been around for over thousands of years. But, Gandhi wasn’t a stubborn man he was a determined one and he was determined to not prove anyone wrong but to prove that change is always possible. Once word had gotten around that he had started fasting, Hindu leaders around the country welcomed untouchables into their temples for the first time in thousands of years. In just a few days, Hinduism took a whole new form that everybody thought was simply impossible. Gandhi ended his fast and Hinduism would never be the same.
Being brought up in a different caste system within the Hindu culture wasn’t the only discrimination Gandhi had to deal with. Discrimination that the British held towards the Indians in South Africa was also a very big problem. Indians in South Africa had already been denied a lot of civil rights and voting was one of them. The Indians were told that in order to register with the Government they would need to get finger printed and carry a certificate of registration at all times. That’s when Gandhi started a mass meeting in Johannesburg to protest against the new law in standing, informing his people that it wasn’t going to be easy, but if they took a vow of non-violence against the laws and be aware that they might be, beaten, tortured, or even killed, that their voice would be heard the struggle they was going threw would be won. Indians threw out South Africa were very engaged with