Ghost Boy

Words: 773
Pages: 4

The that book I am reviewing is Ghost Boy. Ghost Boy is a speculative fiction with a inspirational, but depressing mood. The speaker of the story speaks with a helpless, worried tone, but as you get further into the book, the speaker starts to lighten up. The point of view of the book is first person. Martin Pistorius’s (the author) purpose for writing Ghost Boy is to inspire us by using his life experience of becoming a “ghost boy” as an example of how life just only gets better.
Ghost Boy takes place in the suburbs of a large South African city, and starts off on January 1988. Most of the time Martin will be going to be in care centers rather than his home, so he can be taking care of more easily. The protagonist of the book is definitely Martin Pistorius. He is a kind and caring person, but gets really shy at times. I would say Martin is a round and static character. There really aren’t any antagonist unless you count Martin’s illness as one. He really tries to fight to suppress it. For minor
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It starts with Martin staring at a gray spoon lying in front of him. “ ‘Eat it you f--ing donkey,’ the caregiver snaps at me”, (Pistorius 150). The caregiver shoves the food into his mouth. Martin persuades his stomach to accept what he is being fed. The caregiver speeds up and shovels more into his mouth. Martin couldn’t hold it in, and vomits his food back on to his plate. The caregiver in anger still continues to force the food into Martin’s mouth, but this time with some of his vomit on the spoon. With no other choice he opens his mouth and swallows the food his body has rejected.
The theme of Ghost Boy would have to be that there is always pride in life, even through the toughest times. “Now it’s back again, and the feeling is strange, like a peacock splaying its multicolored tail feathers; it puffs me out and makes me feel vital. Then I realize what it is: pride” (Pistorius