Ghostbusters: A Short Song Analysis

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One of the shocking plagiarism and copywrite from music composers is how the similarities are so obviously that because we like so much a singer we don’t even realize it. One of these stories fit the song “I Want a New Drug” by Huey Lewis a singer in the 80’s which was famous at that time but one day, he heard the song of Ray Parker “Ghostbusters” theme in 2001 with the Columbia Pictures and decided to sue them for the similarities of the melody. The elements are similar in both songs on their melody and into my perspective if I took the lyrics from both songs I could literally be hearing the same melody over and over. Beyond the similarities, the songs have an element which are original lyrics and nothing have in common, because one is talking …show more content…
In this case is what Cold Play’s said about the song “Viva La Vida” towards Joe Satriani's song "If I Could Fly" in 2004. Satriani an instrumental guitarist sues Cold Play because of the similarities in the song on 2008 just four years apart from each song because of the exact three cords and apparently were the cause for this lawsuit. But not everything was a copy paste situation because each of the songs had different pacing, chord progression, and it could be more things but since I’m not a professional in music or instruments cannot tell much more of details. It is a complicated situation because you never know if this is a real coincidence or it was on purpose to copy that exact part. To my understanding music has specific notes to create something that would sound good and not just noise and when years continue to pass there will be less chances of creating something incredibly good. This will continue over the years and most of the time it will be hard to believe of plagiarism. But, for this case Joe won the case with Coldplay and ending with a private settlement for personal