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Giansimon Guajardo
English B3
21 November 2013
Parents: Unbreakable Bond

Each of the following selections convey the strong love each child feels for his or her parent. This is illustrated in all three poems in different ways. But the theme of each child having an undying devotion and love to their parent counterpart is evident throughout the poems. But unlike several works which try to define the dense workings of these sacred bonds, the following poems are excellent examples of unique experiences shared by child and parent.
One main point made in one of the poems is a childs innocent and oblivious relationship with their parents. This is shown mainly in , “MY Papas Waltz”, when the kid says, “We romped until the pans slid from the kitchen shelf… mothers countenance could not unfrown itself.”
(5­6)What is happening is that the father and child are dancing and wrecking their home. But they don’t seem to care because they are having fun. Another example is when the kid says, “Then waltzed me off to bed, still clinging to your shirt.”(15­16) This shows the childs hesitance to leave his father. This tells alot about their relationship and how much the kid enjoys his father regardless of him being drunk. So a childs oblivious love for his parent is mirrored through the kids’ waltz with his dad.
Another point the selections make is a childs perpetual memory he or she keeps for a parent whom they’ve lost. One appropriate example