Gibbs Model Of Reflection In Nursing

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Reflection is regarded as one of the key principles and values supporting good medical practice and is widely used by healthcare professionals (1). reflection is viewed as the process of reviewing, analysing and evaluating experiences, drawing previous knowledge to influence future learning (2). In this assignment, I will use the Gibbs reflective cycle framework (3) to reflect on the visit to my General Practice (GP) Placement.
I visited my GP placement and sat in the GP’s consultations where several patients were seen that day. However, I will reflect on one patient with chronic pulmonary sarcoidosis. This patient presented with a persistent dry cough, red patchy bumps on the skin, breathlessness and chest pains which is consistent with the diagnosis (4). This patient had
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This was an opportunity for me to gain insight into the case. The patient’s medications were reviewed as it was evident that omeprazole, a proton pump inhibitor interacts with a wide variety of medications (7). In the case of this patient, it interacted with ramipril hence, it was changed to lansoprazole which has minimal drug interactions.
I sat anxiously in the consultations as the GP was consulting. My head was up in the clouds instead of listening to the discussion. Partly, my anxiety was based on how the patient will feel with me present. Also, I felt that, I was asking the GP several questions after each consultation and this affected subsequent patients’ waiting time. I did not ask questions whilst the GP was consulting which I felt was professional. Also, I always smiled and thanked patients after consultation.
I will read more on respiratory conditions, their diagnosis and management as well as on hypertension and diabetes. Additionally, I will use my lecture resources, the knowledge and skills gained from practice, lecturers and colleagues to bridge my knowledge