Gibb's Model Of Reflection

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Reflective practice occurs when you explore an experience you have had, to identify what happened, and what your role in the experience was – including your behaviour, thinking, and related emotions (Charles Darwin University, 2017). It is recommended that each reflector should choose and use reflective technique that suits the learning style (Bulman & Schutz, 2013). In this assignment, I will use Gibb’s model to reflect my experience and the importance of it. Gibb’s model of reflection (1998) includes six steps: description, feelings, evaluation, analysis, conclusion, and action plan.
The first step enables my thinking by allowing me to picture the whole knowledge, while putting aside my own judgment. By doing this, I can
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Mr X was admitted in ward for haemodialysis as a known case of chronic renal failure. As my normal routine I was taking the patient’s vital signs. When I came to Mr X’s bed, I saw him lying comfortably and dialysis was in progress. The dialysis nurse went out without informing and for me the machine was totally new. During my conversation with patient and wife, he does his own dialysis back in his country. I was dependent on them as nurse was not present. I noticed that his blood pressure has dropped and machine was alarming. The machine was switched off upon patient’s request and took vital signs. However, blood pressure reading was not that low thus I went on to check the machine. The nurse walked in and saw the machine switched off she scolded me in front of the patient and his wife. It really embarrassed me as a senior nurse been scolded. Dialysis nurse was not aware of patient’s medical history on dialysis treatment. The nurse never gave her the chance to explain and share the knowledge about machine, the patient used back home. While I was reassuring Mr X and his wife, she checked the machine. The machine kept alarming and she changed it to another machine. However, when the dialysis started blood pressure was normalised and machine was in progress. Vital signs taken and excused myself for a break. Mrs .X mentioned that nurse is not friendly and unapproachable. I got angry, frustrated, …show more content…
Next time, my goal will be establish good relationship with both patients and health care team by communicating effectively. Normally, the relationship between me and the patients seems good. The problem is I am not assertive enough. I will attend the presentation and workshop in hospital and do online reading. My target is to improve my confidence, learn how to overcome being nervous when I state my opinion or argue with someone. Another of my problems is a lack of knowledge. I will do some research to obtain more thorough knowledge in order that I would not fall into the same situation. And in the case that I am unsure, I will not hesitate to raise the questions. My expected outcome at the end will be a more confident me, who is equipped with updated knowledge, can communicate flexibly and integrate well with health care