Gibb's Nursing Model Paper

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In this assignment, it is required from the author to provide a critical reflection on a significant management, incident that was encountered in the clinical placement, to develop and utilize interpersonal skills to maintain the therapeutic nurse-patient relationship. Therefore, the Gibb’s (1988) model was used for the reflective writing as it is widely used by health professionals and is recognized as the framework of reflective writing. “Gibbs (1988) consists of six sequential steps which includes; beginning of the description of an event, identification of feeling, evaluation, analysis and conclusion through producing an action plan for future practice” (Brooker & Waugh, 2013). Reflective practice is an essential tool used
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Thus, good rapports plays a vital part in nursing in order to achieve effective communication. “For more than 20 years, communication is identified as a major factor of health care quality and safety” (Riley, 2015). Hence, this paper will reflect and discuss the importance of effective communication and holistic care. Therefore, the reflection is about a patient that is coded as Mrs X and myself as the author in order to maintain patient’s confidentiality.
To begin with, the author describes the event that took place in the clinical placement. Mrs X, a 32 year old Indian lady, with nil history of any medical conditions, got injured at the workplace. Mrs X was a baker in the bread shop. While cleaning the mixing machine, accidentally her dominant hand came directly in contact with the blades. Therefore, she sustained multiple lacerations and fractures whereby she lost soft tissues, ligaments and tendons. Mrs X’s hand was badly damaged and doctors wished to take her for amputation. Lusardi (2013), findings confirm that throughout the history of medicine, amputation is the only options for complex fractures or severe infection of
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Therefore, the author could evaluate that effective communicating skills and holistic care are essential tools in providing the best care for her. Also the use of verbal and nonverbal communication skills were the bonus implement in providing effective nursing care. Wilkinson and Leuven (2007), confirms that anxiety impairs the ability to communicate effectively, thus therapeutic communication promotes helping relationship as it directs in achieving client's goals for optimal health. A research conducted in university of New Mexico (2013), stated that nurses who display courtesy, kindness and security to their patients through their actions and words are generally more successful in establishing a good rapport. Consequently, this would analyze the communication process whereby the author was the sender and Mrs X was the receiver. The channel of the medium used were verbal and body gestures to provide the ongoing care thus feedback was given to her when she clearly understood the information delivered to her positively and agreed for