Gifted Hispanic Girls Abstract Essay

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Learning across different cultures can be challenging. Cultural aspect plays vital role in education in many ways. The means in which people communicate vary widely from one culture to another. Cultural, ethnic, racial biases play vital role in the development of interest to choose career track. These aspects usually influence the performance level of the students especially where these factors determine the environment for schooling. As the level of such issues growing to increases the problem start to get rising. This will enhance the gap in performance of one cultural group from another. There could be multiple reasons for such differential gaps in performance among different cultural dimensions that are later discussed in this report. The kind of rational straight talking assertive ideas that might be valued in one culture may have disagreement in another culture. Not surprisingly people from different geographic regions often communicate differently. In individualist culture like of the United States, goals, aims, missions, rights, and needs of each person are considered important. By contrast, in collectivist culture (commonly in Latin America and Asia) consider the concerns of group to be highly important. In following discussion I will discuss some of aspect Hispanic culture that determines interest, success, or failure in Mathematics and Science?
Hispanic Students under-perform because lacking fluency in English

Many students in public schools are classified as "limited English proficient" (LEP). Seventy-five percent of these students are