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What’s Eating Gilbert Grape – Sequence of Events
As far as possible, I have tried to place the events of the film in sequence, allocating them to specific days to assist you with the creative writing task. R. Goode
Day One
Gilbert and Arnie wait for The Airstream Trailer Club’s drive through Endora.
Becky’s camper breaks down.
Gilbert, Arnie and Ellen drive to town in Gilbert’s truck
Gilbert works at Lamson’s Grocery Store and then is called upon to do a delivery for Betty Carver.
Betty and Gilbert resume their affair until they notice Ken Carver bouncing on the trampoline outside.
Ken offers Gilbert money and insists that Gilbert visit him at his office to discuss insurance.
Arnie climbs the water tower and Gilbert comes to the rescue, promising the police that Arnie will not climb the tower again.
The Grapes have a family meal with Bonnie comforting Arnie and Ellen complaining that Gilbert is not doing enough to assist with Arnie’s eighteenth birthday party arrangements.
Day Two
Tucker works on the Grape house, discussing its weaknesses and the virtues of Burger Barn. Gilbert assists a young boy to look at Bonnie through the window.
Gilbert helps Arnie with his bath.
Tucker, Bobby and Gilbert sit and talk in The Ramp Café. Gilbert glances out the window and sees Becky and camera shots indicate that a connection has been made between the two.
Gilbert is working at Lamson’s Grocery Store while Betty and Becky are shopping.
Gilbert drives Becky back to her trailer with her grocery purchases with Arnie talking about his forthcoming birthday party.
Once again at the Grapes’ dinner table, Ellen shows her resentment towards Gilbert calling him “Dad” and Arnie picks up on Ellen’s comment and chants “Dad’s dead, Dad’s dead” creating tension and frustration.
Day Three
Tucker points out to Amy and Gilbert the structural problems of the Grape house and how it is in danger of collapsing due to poor workmanship and the strain of Bonnie’s weight.
That night Gilbert torments his mother by flicking the television set on and off via the remote control, illustrating his repressed anger.
Day Four
Gilbert, Tucker and Bobby are at The Ramp Café again with Arnie playing the game machine in the corner. Betty Carver and her family are also dining at the café. Ken Carver taps Gilbert on the shoulder and reminds him “I’m waiting.” Tucker tells Gilbert that “he (Ken) wants to kill you.”
Gilbert and Tucker discuss replacing the floorboards at the Grape House. Gilbert does not want to enter the basement and Arnie also refuses to go in there chanting “Dad’s in there.” Gilbert appears to be sad and dealing with emotional pain.
Arnie runs towards the water tower and Ellen pulls him away. Gilbert reproaches Ellen for her rough handling of Arnie “You made him bleed.” Gilbert also reassures Arnie that nobody will hurt him.
Amy is annoyed with Gilbert for neglecting Arnie near the water tower and Ellen rejoices in Gilbert’s humiliation, giving him the finger. Gilbert drives off in his truck, almost running Ellen over, indicating his frustration and feelings that the family does not appreciate him sufficiently.
On the way to Becky’s camp site, Gilbert hears Ken Carver say that he is “waiting for the call.”
At the camp site, Becky’s grandmother discusses their trip. Becky encouraged her grandmother to travel.
Becky meets Ellen, who works at the ice cream parlour, Tucker and Bobby. Betty Carver sees Becky and Gilbert together, realising that Gilbert is drifting away from her.
Gilbert and Becky enjoy the sunset but this is interrupted by Gilbert’s responsibility to Arnie. He must return to the Grape home to bath Arnie. Becky agrees to wait for him.
Gilbert leaves Arnie in the bathroom to wash and dry himself, so that he can return to Becky.
In the countryside, Becky tells Gilbert that she wants to see where he lives and talks about her own parents who separated and how she travels back and forth between them.
Outside the Grape House, Gilbert