gilberts so unawesome day Essay

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A’Zane Troxler
Gilbert’s So Un-Awesome Day
Gilbert Beilschmidt sat in class tapping his pencil to the sound of the song playing in his headphones. Beside him sat his friends Francis Bonnefoy and Antonio Fernandez Carriedo. In front of him was his little brother, Ludwig Beilschmidt, and his allies Kiku Honda and Feliciano Vargas. To his right was Lovino Vargas glaring holes in the back of Ludwig’s head. “I vonder vhat brother did now.” Gilbert sighed half amused half worried. Beside Lovino was Mattheiu Williams and Ivan Braginski, Ivan was the second scariest person he knew (the first being his little brother). They were currently learning about indirect characterization. “Pssst. Ludwig, can you get Feliciano to stop crying I can’t hear-“ asked Arthur Kirkland “My pasta was eaten and when I woke up and went downstairs it was really gone!” Feliciano said sobbing loudly. Ludwig turned to Arthur and looked at him like he was crazy and mouthed and a half-hearted ‘Sorry.’ Ivan and Mattheiu sat in the corner analyzing the situation, the situational irony was hysterical. Arthur was a master of verbal irony so they were expecting him to come up with a snappy comeback but, instead he just sat back and dealt with the loud sobbing coming from the left side of the room. “Now class this book has multiple protagonists and antagonists.” Stated dryly by the teacher, no one was paying attention anyway so why try? “ I want you read this book,