Gilded Age

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Gilded Age
Americas coming of age

A New Age
- Mark Twain define age
- Train huge change
- Votes where bought brinks/food
- Machines run the town
- Immigration due to population explosion
- Better medical care for population explosion, diet
- Ag founded America
- More people moving to the big cities
- Western Movement

Robber Barons
- Define the age
- Making money off the railroad, done in 1869
- A lot of people trying to make money off the railroad

Jay Gould
- Hated because the way he was taking over the railroads

Cornelius Vanderbilt
- Making profit off of the railroads
- Helped stabilize the economy
- Vanderbilt’s got into banking

New Industries
- The railroad changed America
- Railroad key component
- Railroad changed American Business

Andrew Carnegie
- Wants to make money
- Vertical Integration controlling everything of your product
- He was willing to undermine his competitors

John D. Rockefeller
- Gets credit for the first monopoly
- Becomes one of the most hated men
- Keeping money and putting it back into his company

Standard Oil
- Horizontal Integration what comes out of you company
- Monopolies control prices
- Big business is bigger than federal government New Industries
- Refrigerated Railroad car’s made Chicago
- Big businesses where bigger than the Federal Government
- Flour made Minneapolis bigger
- More money in International trade

Swift and Armour
- Both where immigrates and poor
- Went to Chicago
- Chicago’s key to the Gilded Age was due to the fire
- Disassemble line taking everything out of the animal

New Products
- Typewriter, jobs for women, increased productivity, efficient
- Vacuum, cleaning efficient, you are a more sufficient and weather person
- Air Brakes, makes it easier to travel by train
- Barbed Wire – stops cows, creates boundary’s
- Elevators, makes so you can build up and not out
- Blue jeans – washable and durable
- Fountain Pen, more efficient

Alexander Grahan Bell
- The telephone was a great invention but didn’t turn out as well as he thought
- Didn’t have to travel to tell somebody something

Thomas Edison
- Productivity when the sun goes down
- Improve eyesight
- Contributes to other inventions
- Makes things safer and cuts down on crime
- Contributes to the expansion of cities

Social Attitudes
- Thrift very carefully with money
- Integrity honesty truthful

Haratio Alger
- All of his books are the some
- Public Domain

Acres of Diamonds
- All you have to do is to make opportunities
- You will go to hell if you don’t get rich

City Population
- People hated immigrates
- Irish where hated due to Christianity, they where also poor, uneducated, and carried diseases
- Asian where hated due to dirtiness

Early Immigration * - You don’t know who’s coming in the country, worried about the Catholics * - Didn’t want criminals * - Didn’t want them to be uneducated, and they wanted them to work * * Shipping Lines * - Coming into the states was difficult * - Couldn’t take any food cause it would get spoiled * - They made sure everybody was healthy before they got onto the boat * - If they weren’t healthy the shipping lines where responsible for sending they back * * Ship Life * - Some cooking facility’s they where makeshift * * Bureau of Immigration * - Make sure they where mentally and physically capable to work * - Have to have a sponsor if you where a criminal or had a disease * * Ellis Island * - Becomes the place for immigrants on the East coast * * Tests * - They wanted to make sure who was all on the boat * - If you pass you get to go on * - If it was permanent you got sent back * * Irish Immigrants * - The Irish where the base of urban society * - Firemen, policemen, and laborers where all they can get * - Established themselves around the