Giles Corey Quotes From The Crucible

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Giles Corey and I
“More weight” this quote was said from giles corey a character from the crucible. While he was being pressed to death for not saying he was a witch. Giles Cory was an 83 year old man and a farmer with a wife that was accused of witchcraft. Giles Corey got accused of witchcraft and soon after pressed to death. Giles Corey and i have have very similar personalities that witch are being stubborn, sarcastic and loyal. The first trait that Giles corey and i share is being stubborn. Giles displayed his stubbornness side when he would not give up the fight to to get his wife back. He tried to prove that his wife was innocent by getting a petition sign for his wife. My stubbornness can be my major flaw sometime for example my friend