Gilgamesh: An Epic Hero's Journey

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Gilgamesh portrays the quality of an epic hero as he travels the world. Before his journey, Gilgamesh was an arrogant king. He even asked for a bride to sleep with him for her first night. [What sets Gilgamesh on his journey] is the death of his friend, Enkidu. Enkidu was created by the gods to teach Gilgamesh a lesson. Enkidu was supposed to win a fight between him and Gilgamesh, but he loses and they become friends. Enkidu died because he was responsible for the demise of Humbaba, a forest gaint that guards the cedar trees. After the death of his friend, he begins to question his own mortality. Gilgamesh “… would have everlasting life, even now the mists of sleep are drifting over him.” (Gilgamesh 26) Gilgamesh goes out to find out if he would live as a god or a man in the afterlife. Now Gilgamesh goes through the next phase of a hero’s journey. …show more content…
Gilgamesh seeks advice on hoe to obtain immortality from Utnapishtim, a man chosen by the gods to surbive the great flood and rewarded with deathlessness. In order to learn the secret to immortality, Utnapishtim tests Gilgamesh. He had to “…only prevail against sleep for six days and seven nights.” (Gilgamesh 26) Gilgamesh fais that test due to the fact that he walked countless miles to get to Utnapishtim. Utnapishtim decides to give Gilgamesh another chance to prove himself. He sends Gilgamesh to retrieve a plant, that will grant him eternal life, under a lake. Gilgamesh passed the test, but a lurking serpent comes from behind and gobbles up the plant. The gods arranged for Gilgamesh to fail the tests [because they wanted him to change]. Next Gilgamesh goes through the challenges of a hero’s