Gilgamesh: Athena and Perseus Essay

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Casey McCormack

In the story of Perseus, the Greek Hero goes through much adversity, many of which are very controversial of him being an actual hero. There are many noble actions perseus does through out his life to make him a hero, but more specificly he does things only to better himself which make him less heroic. Although many of the feats Perseus did required him to have a lot of courage, and perseverance. A very important trait he has that makes him a hero is responsibility. For example, when he went out to get Polydectes Medusa's head he was taking responsibility for not obeying Polydectes commands and retrieving Medusa’s head in the first place and disobeying his culture. Perseus showed perseverance when he continued searching for Medusa for a long time and even when he couldn't find her he didn't give up he kept on looking for her. He sacrificed his time looking for Medusa just so he could give Polydectes a present to show his commitment. Killing Medusa was a very courageous act because there is a huge possibility of death for him, Perseus knew this but had the courage to keep searching for Meduses head so he could become this great hero. It also required a lot of bravery to do this because when he cut Medusa's head off b he could have been killed by her sisters, or by Medusa herself. Another feat he did that required courage was when he saves the beautiful Andromed from being devoured by the horrifying sea serpent. When he killed the sea serpent he did not have the gods with him so he had to rely on himself to kill it and he risked being killed by it. This was one of the most heroic events Perseus does because he did this to better someone else not just himself. That’s what defines a hero, when perseus takes the head back to Polydectes he wants only glory for himself, it makes his great feat less herioc. As to When Perseus does actions to help other people such as lifting the curse from the town he uses his great strengths and powers to help a whole town of people, these are the things that make Perseus a hero but he gets sucked into becoming this Great Mortal God and is less herioc. When he frees the islanders from Polydectes, the tyrant, when he shows Medusa's head to Polydectes and his guest he wants all the glory and fame,