Gilgamesh Reflection

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Bryan Padilla
Free Response #2 The second two sections of the book Gilgamesh were more interesting than the first two. Mainly due to the fact that there was more self-reflection and realization than in the first two sections. When Gilgamesh first set out on his journey he was set on finding the “fountain of youth” so that he could bring Enkidu back to life and he would have his companion back. Along the way He came across many challenges/obstacles. It all started with the scorpion guards that did not want to let him enter because they were certain that any man who enters would die. Gilgamesh had to explain that he was part god and that he could make the journey. He had his mind set on talking to his “father”. He wanted answers. He needed guidance. The guards finally let him into the next area where he was faced with darkness. You begin to wonder at this point if he’s losing his mind, because he keeps speaking Enkidu’s name. Later when Gilgamesh meets Utnapishtim is when you start to see similarities between the book and the Bible. On page 77 Utnapishtim speaks about how he was told to build a ship. It was the gods who told him to build the ship. This story is very similar to the story of Noah’s ark. When the storm came it flooded for seven days. Later when Gilgamesh finds the thorny plant under the water, he falls asleep upon making it back to the shore. There was a serpent that came to take the plant. This could potentially be another similarity to the Bible. The