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"His teeth are like dragon's fangs, he has countenance like a lion, one look and he can crush trees." Most people would run away by just one glance at this monster. But, if you are brave, courageous, and determined, then you would stick around for the challenge on taking on the monster. It takes a true hero to fight this monster, and that hero is Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh and my grandfather are both brave, daring, determined, risk-takers, and heroes. They both went out of their way to help others. Gilgamesh and my grandfather are two heroic people. Gilgamesh goes on many daring journeys that shows that he is a hero. Gilgamesh is very arrogant. He does not fear death. In the epic he stated, "Immolation and sacrifice are not yet for me, the boat of the dead should not go down…" Gilgamesh also goes through many journeys throughout the epic. The first journey is the battle to defeat Humbaba. Humababa is a giant monster who guards the cedar forrest. He had dragon fangs, countenance like a lion, and can crush trees with one look. Gilgamesh cannot defeat this monster alone. He brings along his best friend, Enkidu. In the end, Gilgamesh and Enkidu defeat the monster of the cedar forrest. Another quest Gilgamesh gone on was to find immortality. He had to dive under with rocks attached to his feet and get the flower. Once you eat a part of this flower, you would live forever. Gilgamesh was going to share it with the elders and other people in the kingdom. But, Urshanabi snatched it away from him and ate it. Throughout Gilgamesh's journeys, there were obstacles. One obstacle was when Gilgamesh and his best friend, Enkidu, were going to fight Humbaba. Enkidu feared the monster and was terrified. Gilgamesh pushed Enkidu to go with him and not to fear Humbaba, and Enkidu did go with Gilgamesh and together they defeated Humbaba. Another obstacle was when Gilgamesh's best friend, Enkidu, dies. He is greatly saddened by his death. He lost his "quest partner" and must go find immortality by himself. Gilgamesh's journeys were sometimes successful and sometimes failures. A successful journey was when he and to defeat the monster of the cedar forrest, Humbaba. With words or encouragement from Enkidu, Gilgamesh took an ax in his hand and a sword from his belt and struck Humbaba in his neck with the sword and killed Humbaba. A failed journey was when Gilgamesh was on a quest to seek immortality after Enkidu dies. He tied rocks to his feet and dove down into the water to find the flower. But, Urshanabi snatches it away from Gilgamesh and he goes home empty handed. My grandfather is a hero to me. My grandfather was very selfless. He used to put others before himself. He was a very caring person. A quest he went on was being a soldier in World War 2. He fought for our