Gilgamesh Flood table Essay

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Satapatha Brahmana
The Epic of Gilgamesh was an oral in origin that was preserved in writing.
Genesis’ origin more than likely originated orally and is a creation myth of both Judaism and Christianity.
Metamorphoses was is literary myth because it was originally in writing.
Satapatha is considered a pre-literacy myth in its origin. It has several myths of creation similar to others, such as the Bible.
Unlike Genesis and Metamorphoses man already exist when the story begins, though the gods create Enkidu.
Metamorphoses is very similar to Genesis in the way what people were created in God’s image.
It is a story of the world coming out of chaos as the land and water separate and people being created in God’s image.
Being similar to other creation myths, people were created and there was light and darkness, good and evil.
Has no omnipotent being.
The creator is omnipotent and controls all aspects of existence.
Has no omnipotent being.
The creator is omnipotent, he can give and take things away.
The earth is already created when the story begins.
The creator takes six days to make the earth.
No certain amount of time.
No specified time.
Gilgamesh is similar to Genesis because Enkidu is living at peace with animal and is tempted and seduced by a prostitute, he is also made to leave the garden but dies because of temptations.
Involves the fall of man, Adam and Eve are tempted by the serpent in the Garden of Eden. They are made to leave the Garden, meaning they will eventually die.
Ovid’s fall is about Icarus’s fall, where Daedalus and his son