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Giovanni Boccaccio
Giovanni was thought to be born in Florence or Certaldo ,Italy on June 16th 1313. Young Giovanni spent his youthful years between Certaldo, Florence, Naples & Paris. He spent many years studying alongside his father in the fields or law &commerce. Also showing interest in the sciences & literature, Giovanni was well educated. Mainly focusing on his studies made Giovanni excel in each area. Even though he spent most time working , there was some time for him to “befriend” a married lady of royal family. This friendship then turned into an affair with time; but Giovanni fled back to his home town due to the spreading plague. At this time he was studying and writing poetry. He made many poems , some of which became very famous & made Giovanni Boccaccio. However with the passing of his mother in the plague , then his step mother and followed by the death of his father pushed Giovanni into a more powerful position of the family. Other than the already passed on, he had very little family. No children and no wife.
Giovanni became very involved with humanism, he worked on many cities. Along side Petrarch , Giovanni created foundations for Humanism & also helped the Renaissance . The Decameron also highly influenced literature in the renaissance. Together, through the exchange of books, news, and ideas, the two men laid the foundations for the humanism of classical antiquity.
Boccaccio was a man of the Renaissance in almost every sense. His humanism had not…